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Small business owners are passionate about running and growing their business. One of the challenges facing many owners is finding the best solution for handling their bookkeeping services. If they do it themselves, it takes away from their time to grow their business. If they utilize an employee to do it, they sometimes are left scrambling if that employee leaves. Utilizing an outsourced bookkeeping service, like Emerson, solves these challenges and many more.

Through Emerson, our clients have access to a team of professionals that provide a team approach to their account. We offer each of our clients a unique solution that best fits their specific account. Whether they need a few hours each month to reconcile at the end of the month, some day-to-day data entry, all the way to large, ongoing projects. We even provide cleanups for business owners that need to catch up as well as a tax returns based on the type of entity in place.

Let us find the right bookkeeping option for you.

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    benefits of outsourced bookkeeping

    Free up time and save money
    Improved financial reporting
    Leverage industry expertise
    Focus on growing your business
    Access to current technology
    Ability to scale